Stay the Course Suite of Resources

A Teaching Series Through

Stay the Course

by Brandon Guindon

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Brandon Guindon’s book Stay the Course is perfect to use for a church-wide sermon series about prayer.

When you purchase at least 10 books, you can license through the form below at no additional cost:

  • Teaching Series Graphics
  • Social Media Graphics

Plus, you’ll get:

  • Group Discussion Questions (included in the book)
  • Deep Bulk-Order Discounts (see below)

Your church can license the graphics. This helps leaders:

  • Plan a seven-week teaching series around this book
  • Order bulk quantities at discounted rates
  • Download the free graphics suite for your media team

How to Determine a Fit for Your Group

Step 1: Order a copy of the book here.

Step 2: Read the book.

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How to Get Bulk-order Discounts

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