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Harrington Interactive Media (HIM)


You struggle to find trusted discipleship resources. We provide trustworthy discipleship resources to help your church follow Jesus in every area of life.


To see the church become more beautiful.


  1. Serving our audience
  2. Delivering important content
  3. Creating beautiful media


HIM Publications founder, Chad Harrington, graduated from Ozark Christian College and Asbury Theological Seminary, having discerned a sense of calling to teach and write for and in the church. He coauthored Dedicated as an introduction to the publishing world. Then, as he launched Harrington Interactive Media (HIM) in 2016, he started to produce various media, including books. As his company grew and started editing and producing books for clients, he decided to launched HIM Publications as a way to serve HIM partners, audience, and the growing number of people who want such resources, in North American and around the world.

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