Jesus Next Door

A 30-Day Prayer Guide to Help You Practically Love the People Around You
Dave Clayton (Author)

February 27, 2020



How Would Life Get Better for the People Around You If Jesus Were Their Neighbor?

When a man asked Jesus to pinpoint what matters most in life, Jesus cut straight to the heart of it. He said the most important thing in life is to love God with the entirety of who you are and to love your neighbor as much as you love yourself (Matt. 22:37–39). In short, he said that love matters most.

Even though Jesus’ words are crystal clear, most followers of Jesus are quick to admit that they struggle to love God—and those around them—practically speaking.

Jesus Next Door is a focused thirty-day prayer guide that helps you move from simply knowing the Great Commandments to actually living them out—wherever you live, work, and play. For each of the thirty days, receive guidance as you:

  • Focus on a key Bible verse.
  • Consider a short devotional thought.
  • Read a selected Scripture passage.
  • Reflect on key questions.
  • Pray for yourself and others.

This guide will help you pray for the people around you and learn to practically love them.

Do you long for God to bless the people around you—through you?

Then this prayer journey is for you! Written as a companion to Revival Starts Here, this resource provides boots-on-the-ground prayers and practices to move you from inspiration to application. Dave Clayton offers this month-long guided journey for those who want to pray for and practically love those around them.

Take a walk with God and learn to love the people around you as Jesus
would—if he moved into your neighborhood.

About the Author

DAVE CLAYTON is a follower of Jesus, a husband to Sydney, and a dad to Micah, Jack, and Judah. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has the joy of serving Ethos Church, Onward Church Planting, and Awaken Nashville. Dave is passionate about making disciples, planting churches, and awakening a movement for the glory of God, the joy of the church, and the good of the multitudes who don’t yet know Jesus.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Bruce Farley
Excellent tool for getting people focused on the lost and the least

I’ve personally read through this book three times as a 30-day daily devotional and have found each time that my heart, mind, eyes and ears are freshly attune to the reality of lost people around me. I do a lot with Alpha and have found this book/tool a solid resource for getting me and those I lead into a more aware and invitational mindset and lifestyle for both sharing the gospel and inviting people to Alpha and other safe environments for sharing our faith. We're considering going through it as a church while at the same time spending the four Sundays in that same time period focusing the sermon on a specific chapter from that week’s readings.

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