Anchors for the Soul

How to Trust God in the Storms of Life
John Mark Hicks (Author)

November 12, 2019


“This book is the perfect resource for a reading group or church class. It combines rich Bible study with a personal narrative of living through devastating storms. John Mark Hicks is a trustworthy guide for the storms that lie ahead.”

LEONARD ALLEN, Dean of the College of Bible and Ministry, Lipscomb University

“I highly recommend Anchors for the Soul to individuals and groups who want to explore what it means to trust God despite this life’s suffering and pain. John Mark’s vulnerable testimony resonates and gives hope for the storms of life.”

DR. SARA BARTON, Pepperdine University Chaplain, Malibu, California

“God has used John Mark’s story and the theological truths in this book to provide anchors for my soul and those leaders for whom I have had the privilege of caring. Anchors offers theology and spiritual guidance we all need.”

KRIS MILLER, Director, Institute for Christian Spirituality

About the Author


ANCHOR YOUR FAITH IN THE STORY OF GOD BEFORE—AND DURING—THE STORMS Drawing on his own experience with losses and tragedies through the death of his young wife and, more recently, the death of his sixteen-year-old son, John Mark Hicks tells the story of God through his own experiences of suffering. He does not explain suffering because, as he describes, that cannot be done; rather, he walks with sufferers through the valley of loss. He grounds them deeply in the story of God’s love, listening, empathy, sovereignty, and victory. This path is not only for those who seek to persevere in the midst of their suffering but also for those who want to prepare for the suffering that comes to all. In addition to helping sufferers, John Mark provides guidance for those who want to sit with people who are suffering. He offers advice to help comforters provide comfort. There are no easy answers. Our questions, in fact, are never fully answered. Despite this, however, there is a path of assurance, comfort, and trust that yields perseverance, peace, and hope. The “anchors” are found in God, who
  • loves us
  • listens to us
  • empathizes with us
  • gives meaning to our suffering
  • ultimately triumphs over all suffering
These anchors ground us in God’s redemptive story.

About the Author

JOHN MARK HICKS has taught at institutions affiliated with Churches of Christ since 1982, including Harding School of Theology from 1991 to 2000 and Lipscomb University from 2000 to the present, where he is currently a professor of Theology. He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books and contributed articles to several books and periodicals, both academic and popular. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Jennifer, and together they share five living children and two deceased. They also have six grandchildren.


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Customer Reviews

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I am looking forward to taking the journey with several others as we study together!

Jerry Graham

I am looking forward to talking this journey!

Danny Sisco

no comment

Danny Sisco



Great resource from a respected theologian and a long sufferer of grief and loss. This book along with the video series will be most helpful to use in our weekly Sunday morning bible class, encouragement in the church and in the community.

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