How to Read the Bible by Chad Harrington

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How to Read the Bible by Chad Harrington

Are you lost when you read Scripture? Are you afraid of inaccurately interpreting God’s Word? Do you want a richer understanding of the Bible? Gain the most essential tools you need to better interpret Scripture. Many Christians find the Bible difficult to understand, but there’s proven methods and pathways available to equip you to grow your skills! Glean from teaching minister Chad Harrington. He will share from his experiences, study, and training background in this six-week class on how to read the Bible responsibly. This class will:
  • Give you the most vital methods of interpretation.
  • Provide you the necessary tools and resources for understanding the Bible.
  • Show you a framework for how to unpack the meaning of a particular text.
  • Help you avoid heresy!
  • Reveal deeper riches of Scripture than you knew possible.

1. Translations, Tools, and Methods

Download class 1 notes here.
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